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We are a Christian based non-profit organization that is striving to bring high quality basketball to all in a family friendly environment. All are invited to join the UMBL as players or franchise owners in our efforts to impact our communities through Christ

The League is accepting applications through January 31, 2012 for admission for the upcoming 2012 campaign.

All players, coaches and organizations are expected to adhere to strict guidelines established in order to maintain a high level of professionalism, competition and moral character required by the league.

The UMBL plays all of its games on the weekends, unless otherwise agreed upon by individual teams. This allows our players to retain their employment, continue to play at a high level of competition, perfect their skills and present them with a vehicle to display their abilities.

League play begins the first week of May, with conference championships the last week of July and the league championship the first week in August.
We invite all to come and join us for the upcoming season as players or franchise owners and see what a difference the UMBL can make we strive to be an impact for Christ in our communities.




  • Larry Davis - Commissioner
    Tel: 864-962-5527